A Restoration Story


This Wilson Pastorale pram, first bought in 1961, has been kept in the same family all these years. Retreived from the loft when the customer found out they were expecting a baby, they soon discovered it was in no fit state to be used.

The customer contacted us for a quote, and a few weeks later, they brought it over from Yorkshire in order that we could make a start.

The pram was in poor condition, having been stored in an apparently damp location. The chromework had detriorated tremendously, and the fabrics were discoloured, but worse, covered in mildew.

We started by stripping the fabrics and horsehair filling out and disposing of them, we then used natural, eco friendly cleaning products to thoroughly clean the interior of the pram. Next, the chrome parts were all taken off ready for rechroming, and the chassis headed off to the powder coater. We recommend powdercoating as it goes a long way to recondition the metal and seals it to help prevent future rusting.

As the Pastorale model sports beautiful hand painted flowers, we did not want to respray the body if it could be helped. So we carefully restored the paintwork, and touched in some of the scratches. we then re-laquered the pram body to reseal it all.

Using high quality, fire retardent materials, we reupholstered the pram and crafted a new hood and apron. We then rebuilt the pram, with the addition of new tyres.

This pram looks superb, and is completely safe for a new baby to use. It just goes to show that nothing is beyond repair and with a bit of love and expertise, a pram that was completely unuseable can be enjoyed for many years to come.

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