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Our Services 

Full Pram Restoration:

These are one or two examples of what looks like a lost cause being turned into something beautiful. A full restoration incorporates a client-led design process with all the services below, and more! No matter how bad something looks, we guarantee to take it on.


Hoods, Aprons and Interiors:

Whatever your pram, we can give it a new lease of life and make it clean and safe for a new baby with new fabrics. We offer a unique ‘You Choose’ service whereby the customer can choose from any pattern or colour fabric and we will make it water resistant and fire-proof so it conforms to all safety standards.

For some of the more modern Silver Cross prams, we can supply and fit and entirely new bed. Or for anything else we will re-upholster using 100% natural wool filling and your choice of wipe-clean vinyl or leatherette.

Chrome Restoration Specialist:

The pictures speak for themselves; where most would say it needs
re-chroming, we can often polish and seal chrome with
our Secret Formula J

Please feel free to send a picture of your chrome for some advice.


We often use powdercoating on metal chassis’/bodies as it gives a much hardier finish than spraying, also being scratch resistant. This process also includes sand-blasting which ensures that old, flaky paint or chrome is removed and enables a smooth, high shine finish

But with wooden parts or where required, we can arrange for traditional
re-sprays, and coach-lines. To ensure you get the best finish available,
we use the coachworks company that work on the England Cricket Team coaches.

Quilt Sets and Canopies:

Handmade sets tailored to your requirements, from simple to extravagant, we can do it, just ask!

Spare Parts and Accessories:

We manufacture and/or supply the majority of parts for all makes of coachbuilt prams. There is not much we cannot source!
Parts include: Hubcaps, Shopping Trays, Sun Canopies, Screw and Nuts, Wheels, Tyres, Handles, Mattresses, Canopy, Knobs and much more.
Please just ask.